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21-Aug-2020 15:00

Thus, in the true sense of the word a bricked device is one that is not recoverable through normal means.

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Fixed display of waypoint icons in Recent Finds list.The major reason behind “bricking” is a bad flash that damages the existing data preset present on a phone’s system that handle bootloader, radio etc. Now, when we talk of the term “brick” for an Android device, it is classified into two types: Hard Brick and Soft Brick.A “hard-brick” is quite unlikely with “normal operations” like rooting or flashing custom ROMs.Boot ROM 1.20 Booting from NAND flash Step 1: First phase of PEX-PIPE Configuration Step 2: Configure the desire PIN_PHY_GEN Step 3 QSGMII enable Step 4: Configure SERDES MUXes Step 5: Activate the RX High Impedance Mode Step 6: [PEX-Only] PEX-Main configuration (X4 or X1) Step 6.2: [PEX-Only] PCI Express Link Capabilities Step 7: [PEX-X4 Only] To create PEX-Link Steps 7,8,9,10 and 11 Steps 12: [PEX-Only] Last phase of PEX-PIPE Configuration Steps 13: Wait 15ms before checking results Steps 14: [PEX-Only] In order to configure Steps 15: [PEX-Only] In order to configure Steps 16: [PEX-Only] Training Enablestep 17: max_if= 0x7 step 17: PEX0 pex Unit= 0 ** Link is Gen1, check the EP capability -- DC12 Gen2 client! Status Reg(0x0004DA64) = 0x00000001 step 17: PEX4 pex Unit= 1 PEX4 : Detected No Link.