Amino acid racemisation dating

24-Jul-2020 17:10

There are diagnostic landforms associated with wet-based sheet flow, ice streams, and surging ice. Glacial and periglacial deposits of the Tumbledown Cliffs area, James Ross Island, West Antarctica.

Surging glaciers are a particular phenomenon where the ice flows periodically fast and then more slowly, and are uncommon in Antarctica.

It was found that the intra-crystalline fraction in OES can be isolated by oxidative pre-treatment and that these amino acids are resistant to leaching and unaffected by changes in the environmental p H (between p H 5 and 9).

The method is particularly useful for correlation and relative age dating of equivalent strata which have experienced similar temperature histories and diagenetic conditions.

Now it could be that one may wish to object to the particular use of an uniformitarian assumption that is part of such an extrapolation but that would be a different complaint.