Booth newspapers consolidating

06-Jul-2020 20:40

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"If you're a typical citizen these days, you are monitoring news around the clock: reading us on, in paper editions, in morning newsletters delivered to your email boxes, and on apps for your mobile devices," Gaydou said."We will deliver on every platform." Four newspapers, The Grand Rapids Press, The Muskegon Chronicle, The Kalamazoo Gazette and The Jackson Citizen Patriot, still will publish seven days a week, but starting Feb.Download this book (full text) as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

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Founded by George Gough Booth with his two brothers, Booth Newspapers was sold to Advance Publications (a Samuel I.The purpose of the rule is to prevent any single corporate entity from becoming too powerful a single voice within a community, and thus the rule seeks to maximize diversity under the conditions dictated by the marketplace.The cross-ownership ban does not prevent a newspaper from owning a broadcast station in another market, and indeed many large newspapers – such as the New York Times and the Washington Post – own and operate broadcast stations outside their flagship cities (Compaine and Gomery 2000).To this end, we need to abandon the pure free market economic approach that assumes that profit maximization is the paramount goal of a media enterprise.

Newspapers and broadcasters are not simple firms reducible to profit-generating equations but rather are large, complex social, cultural, and political institutions, and they need to be analyzed through an institutional economic model that takes into account externalities, both positive and negative, that have an impact on the public welfare.

Newhouse property), which purchased it in 1976 for 5 million, a record at the time.