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Michael Elphick guest stars Fresh Starts Series 3 - Episode 4 of 13 Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens embark on a coast-to-coast scavenge for collectibles that can make them cash, while also providing them with the thrill of the hunt Series 28 - Episode 82 of 85 It is day two in Derbyshire, and entrepreneur Frazer hopes to bag the prize with a gastronomical global tour, taking his guests from Russia to his ancestral home in Scotland Moe \'n\' a Lisa Series 18 - Episode 5 of 22 Moe becomes a successful poet with Lisa\'s help, and wins acclaim from a group of highbrow authors - but disappoints her by claiming all the credit for himself The Herb Garden Germination Series 4 - Episode 20 of 24 Amy and Sheldon start a gossip experiment to see how quickly rumours spread among the gang, while Howard tells his friends he is planning to propose to Bernadette The Agreement Dissection Series 4 - Episode 21 of 24 Sheldon is infuriated when Priya uses her legal knowledge to find a loophole in the room-mate agreement - but his spirits are lifted by a night on the town Halloween IVSeries 4 - Episode 5 of 22 Halloween sees the squad competing in their annual competition - and as they carry out a heist, they pull out all the stops to win the title of Ultimate Detective Slash Genius Monster in the Closet Series 4 - Episode 6 of 22 When Pimento and Diaz decide to get married, the squad members try to prepare the perfect ceremony under Santiago\'s careful direction.

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He loved them deeply and along with his sister, Jane Reitmeier, also adopted, cared for them until their deaths: Grace in 2005 and Willard last year (actually 2010).

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) gave us hum-free radio.