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“Fueled by unsinkable characters on a dangerous search for belonging, love and family, ‘Good Behavior’ is addictive television,” said Sarah Aubrey, exec VP of original programming for TNT. “Good Behavior” is based on a series of novels by Blake Crouch, who exec produces with showrunner Chad Hodge for Tomorrow Studios.

“Millions of viewers have fallen hard for this sexy, complicated couple, and in season two, Letty and Javier will give us plenty more to obsess about.” According to TNT, “Good Behavior” has averaged 4.4 million viewers across linear and digital platforms, and has shown steady growth since its Nov. Tomorrow’s Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements also exec produce.

It's the combustible tale of the great rivalry between Formula One racers James Hunt and...

Read Full Story In the new trailer for Bill Condon's The Fifth Estate, we're forced to make up our minds about the 21st century's most infamous whistleblower Julian Assange — visionary, journalist, or traitor?

Among the first published portraits of the German resistance movement, it betrayed in its writing the very raw injustices of life lived within the regime, even outside its direct firing line.

With reportedly minimal adjustment, Fallada based the characters of Otto and Anna Quangel on Otto and Elise Hampel, a respectable working-class couple who complied with the stentorian demands of their government until their only child, Hans, was killed in the Battle of France in 1940.

Cut to Berlin, where his parents receive the news via an impersonal military missive, delivered by their quietly anti-Nazi postwoman Eva (Katrin Pollitt).

Perhaps it’s apt, then, that Perez’s third feature fashions something of a postcard itself from the iniquities of the Holocaust: Tastefully lit and art-directed throughout, with a somberly mellifluous Alexandre Desplat score to ease it along, this fact-based drama finally cushions its harshest emotional blows, though Brendan Gleeson’s deeply sad, stoic dignity in the lead cuts through some of the padding.