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The name given by the person who registered was Galdziev Chingiz in St. That same name is on the registration records for, but lists a different contact email address: [email protected] for the [email protected] turns up a Live Journal blog by a user named Fizot who provides a contact email address of [email protected] course, they are in no way related to the major dating portals.Responsible sites care about their reputation and regularly check their users, while on the contrary spam emphasizes that registration is not required on the sites being advertised. She requested 0 for visa and all throughout her e-mail letters she talked about love and trust. Her name is Irina Gavaga at Gugari, 32-56, Ijevsk, Udmurt.

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Subscribe to the Email Scams RSS feed Follow us on Twitter for the latest Email Scams Your messages are now queued up and pending delivery because your email has not been verified,you are required to confirm your email account to restore normal email delivery. The University will never require you to validate your email account in this fashion!In late February 2000 I went to Russia to spend another week with her. I have since learned that when she was telling me that she loved me she was running new ads in other web sites. They said that she has been in touch with almost 1,000 western men. I like your photo and what you wrote, you can see my photo here: - I cannot send it with this mail here ;-( Write to me if you like the photo!I had a security agency in Moscow (along with a Russian policeman) deliver a letter to her. She has no job, nor does her mother or aunt who she lives with. Her details: She was born in Kopeisk, also spelled as Kopeysk and Kopejsk.Confirm [email protected] you know this is a Phishing Scam: Ask yourself, will my email expire in 24 hours? How you know this is a Phishing Scam: This phishing email is hoping that users of Dropbox do not take the time to read and just click blindly - it's not even pretending to be correctly formatted.