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The bronze firefighter statue and Maltese cross were unveiled, along with the presentation of the Walk of Honor surfaced with personalized bricks donated by firefighters, friends, and families in recognition of Alabama’s fire service as part of the Memorial.In 2006, the Joint Fire Council, with the help of public donations, erected two black marble obelisks on the grounds of the Memorial engraved with the names of Alabama’s fallen firefighters, dating back to 1901.In her report on the March 9 edition of CNN's The Situation Room, Snow stated that "the [IAFF] is vowing to expose what it describes as Giuliani's offensive and personal attack on firefighters following the September 11th attacks." After describing the issue, Snow then reported that Lee Ielpi, a member of the "campaign group 'Firefighters for Rudy' ...accuses the union of partisan politics and points out that the IAFF endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry in 2004." For his part, Hume, on the March 8 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume, stated that "[u]nion leaders complained that Giuliani reduced the number of firefighters involved in the recovery operation at the World Trade Center and instituted what they call a scoop-and-dump operation to expedite the cleanup, which the union says was disrespectful to the victims." He then stated that "[i]n 2004, it's worth noting, the IAFF was the first labor union to endorse Democrat John Kerry's race for the president [sic], and its president was at Kerry's side through much of the campaign." In fact, the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York (IAFF Local 94) prominently endorsed President Bush during the 2004 Republican National Convention but has been very critical of Giuliani.He loved it that much.""He really tried to help the area better itself," St. "He did a lot for the community, and he never expected anything in return.Chances are, if you are not in firefighting or law enforcement, you may not have heard his name.

If you put him with a group of firefighters, he would be the last one to leave.

An October 12, 2002, Newsday article quoted Cassidy as saying that "[a]lthough Giuliani is 'the most despised man in America' among firefighters," they would not stage "an overt protest" at a memorial service that day.