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You know an action film is in trouble when, right from the start, you’re rooting for the terrorists. Before we get into everything wrong with this mega mess of a movie, we should point out that lead actor Gerard Butler has no one to blame but himself for the drubbing we feel obliged to dish out.

This unflushable turd of a film, the follow-up to 2013’s so-so guilty pleasure Olympus Has Fallen, was squeezed out by his own production company, so the buck and the shame is all his. He plays Mike Banning, a presidential bodyguard who’s apparently made of pastrami (beefy yet hammy at the same time).

That's where self-explanatory website Just Ask Me Out comes in.

It takes the small talk out of the matching equation and gets you straight to the 'yay' or 'nay' of fixing a date.

As I try explain to my mum every.she calls and tries to get me to go out shopping /for lunch/for a stroll in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon – I AM WORKING.

I guess it’s hard to believe when she’s evidently picturing me stretched out in bed, crumbs adorning my week-old tracksuit with my laptop half-heartedly tucked up under the duvet with me and a piece of soggy toast hanging from the corner of my upturned mouth. Namely because the line between self employed and unemployed is fine indeed, and I spent many a month attempting to tick through my to-do list in that manner until I realised that that definitely wasn’t going to fucking work. And so, a few years later, here I am; showered, dressed and sat upright in a corner of one of the many venues I’ve since started to frequent - and trust me it’s not so easy to find somewhere that has good, free Wi-Fi, ample room to plug in your technology and doesn’t inexplicably blare out house music at all hours of the day (why do they do that!?

No longer is it considered sad or weird to say you first met your partner digitally, a shift to the mainstream largely down to the success of one app: Tinder.

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They also host a mind-boggling number of events each week on everything from the future of the retail industry to help for startups.That’s probably what she sees when she thinks of me, her self employed, freelance daughter. ) - writing this in case you, dear reader, also feel that you must get the fuck out of bed and find somewhere to work from in the mornings. Here's a few suggestions; just get in there before 2020 when apparently 50% of people are going to be freelance. A super short walk from Shoreditch High Street station, the Ace hotel has an uber comfy lobby with sofas, cafes and a huge long table in the middle complete with free Wi-Fi and ample charging room.If there are too many people upfront to suit your needs (I find it a bit daunting tbh), the Hoi Polloi restaurant at the back is way quieter and has loads of booths – each with a plug socket! Not to mention their food and cold pressed juices are amazing, too and actually not Soho House and The Hoxton hotel recently joined forces to open eggy-themed restaurant Egg Break. Because other than the fact that Soho House and the Hoxton both ooze ions of cool, they’re also well known for providing some kick ass working space, which would suggest, you see, that Egg Break would too. With a menu (and Wi-Fi) that is just as impressive as Soho House’s, the Notting Hill based eatery has all the perks and none of the people, which makes it perfection.Based in East London, you can register for free to use Google’s Campus, which has an entire floor dedicated to free working space.

Open every day until 6pm, the facilities offer up plenty of room and free Wi-Fi, plus it’s filled with like-minded people – always good to have people on the same page as you to talk you down when you want to stab yourself with a bread knife.

Take a look at some of the hip hop artists making waves in the UK scene in our (by no means exhaustive) list of emerging talents.