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The tightrope of cultural sensitivity continues in the Netherlands, where “In conversation, it is better not to question the Dutch about the royal family”.In Denmark,“it is recommended that you keep distance, avoiding personal matters, income level, work and religion”.In North Korea, care needs to be taken when taking pictures in rooms where there are portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il: “It is necessary that they be completely placed in the frame.” In Mongolia, “It is not appropriate to loudly shout and get drunk”.Holland Novak is a tall, fairly fit male, with gray-taupe hair, and bluish-gray colored eyes.Across the border in Spain: “Public expression of negative attitudes towards people of non-traditional sexual orientation will not meet with understanding, therefore, one should abstain from it.” The UK Foreign Office tells British visitors to Russia: “In June 2013 a law banning the promotion of ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ entered into force.” The Russian guide notes that in Canada, “gay marriage has been legalised for a long time and there is a serious fixation on gender equality”.Accordingly, visitors are advised not to tell off-colour jokes.And in on buses in Sweden, personal space should be respected: “It is not customary to take places directly next to passengers if there are vacant separate seats.” Visitors of a sensitive nature might want to avoid Greece, where “Greeks in all walks of life abundantly sprinkle their speech with curses.Travellers from the West can learn from the online guide.

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In France, Russians are advised “not to address representatives of the LGBT community” with offensive words or gestures.You can then submit additional information to the group.What not to say to gay people in France, where to sit on a Swedish bus, and items not to be taken into a Mongolian yurt: Russian tourists now have an online briefing on cultural sensitivity abroad.Rivron featured on drums in the "Sophisticated Fool" song Rivron has regularly presented television shows such as Holiday and Summer Holiday.