How to chat free on secretfriends

21-Jun-2020 21:40

Please note that this category is strictly NON-ADULT! We have girls online and connected from all over the world.

You'll not only find amateur secret friends with the same ideas and interests as you, but also you can random chat with strangers who want to share their own experiences in their world.

Are you just looking to hang out and make some connections? Find secret friends waiting to talk to you from around the world!

Wanna chat with some girls with the same interests as you? Our webcam girls are looking to chat with strangers and they want to hear from you!

Secret Friends is a live webcam site that has been around for a while. New layout, colors, models, rules and credit system are just couple of the new features.

Secret friends brings you girls of all the age categories, but the majority of the girls are in their early 20s.

The ones I like the most were new FREE rooms and more transparent credit system. But I am not a big fan of the purple color : D On the top of the site you get a menu bar where you can browse Live girls, go to recordings and check girls' schedules. All the girls seems to be located on one page, live on the top and offline on the bottom. Plus you need to know the name of the model, otherwise the search can take quite some time.

Like True Friends, a toon could generate Secret Friend codes by clicking on the blue circle in the upper right corner of the Friend list.

Here lot of girls work from home and thus they don't have exact “working hours.” On Secret Friends you had to use credits in order to talk with the girls.

After the update two new great features were introduced - free unlimited previews and free rooms. Preview means you can look at the girl's show, but you can't talk with her.

An excellent secure alternative to more famous chats If you want an instant messaging client that offers more security, Secret Friends Chat is a very interesting alternative.

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