Meeting dating and seducing women

01-May-2020 06:13

He's a college student at a popular University -- but he's been so tongue-tied around women that he's only talked to one woman -- in his entire dating life!

That's right -- only one woman in his entire dating life.

However, you need to know that bars and clubs aren’t exactly the best place to meet women who are looking for something serious.

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One such technique, The truth is: the majority of people would prefer to meet other people that their friends already know.

There is also a reason why so many players and pickup artists go to bars and clubs to meet women: they require skills that a lot of the other men out there simply do not have.

Since bars are loud, overpriced, crowded and obnoxious, these skills would be an absolute must if you choose to go there to meet women.

Make no mistake about it: the risk of public backlash to this information is very real.

When we published a guide on “how to manipulate women” some time back, we received heaps of negative publicity from the mainstream media (cough, Huffington Post, cough), accusing us of promoting ), thanking us for saving their relationships with that guide.

The next day I went to my University's student center. I never talked to women, because I was shy and I didn't know what to say.