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“The good thing is it makes us appreciate each other, but it’s hard,” said Tracey to Mario. I have to get used to going to things by myself, I’m always like ‘Baby, can you come out to L. ’” Tracey loves spending time with Deion's family and supports Deion in every way, giving him both advice and love.

Although Tracey and Deion come from much different backgrounds -- they really prove that opposites do indeed attract!

The daughter of Jacqueline and George Mc Quarn and sister of Michael Mc Quarn, was previously hitched to Grammy-Award winner record producer Babyface.

They got married in 1992 and 13 years later and two sons- Brandon and Dylan- she filed for divorce in 2005.

Gill told Banks: “One of Tracey’s guests said some things that were inappropriate that triggered everything with the mom, and that’s how it all started.” Gill also denied rumors that he is secretly in a relationship with Murphy and was ultimately responsible for the legal ceremony being cancelled.

Banks told listeners Monday that Tracey had reached him by phone that morning, but was under gag order and couldn’t discuss the issue because of a confidentiality agreement she signed with Eddie at the end of their relationship.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tracey also fired off a press release to the national media denying the allegations made by Johnny Gill in a radio interview.

Winning producer, savvy business mogul and accomplished studio executive, that are some of the words we can use to describe beautiful Tracey Edmonds.But maybe hearing it come out of Gill’s mouth on syndicated radio was the trigger that set Tracey off.Eddie’s ex-fiancee called Tom Joyner personally to air her side of the story on the allegations made by Eddie’s BFF Gill – who shares a home with Murphy. Kenneth "babyface" Edmonds is engaged to longtime girlfriend Nicole Pantenburg."I'm happy to say I'm on the love marriage path," the prolific record producer and artist confirmed to E! "I'm a very lucky guy."Edmonds actually revealed he was preparing to tie the knot when he and Toni Braxton sat down with BET last week to discuss their new album, The couple, who began dating in 2007, have a 5-year-old daughter together named Peyton.

Edmonds has two sons, Brandon and Dylan, with ex-wife Tracey Edmonds.

The reality show also features Deion's girlfriend, and “Extra” co-host Tracey, who is a mother to two teenage sons.